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Hours of Operation: M-F  10am - 5pm cst.

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about my story

Hey there, I’m Abigail Ann I’m a full time Freelancer specializing in design, visual arts, and marketing. My entrepreneurial spirit was inspired by my parents who owned their own business together for 20+ years before my father passed away in 2009. Being raised by entrepreneurs has taught me how fulfilling it can be to help others and simply just be a blessing. I'm an artist at heart so being able to help others in a creative and strategic way is what I love most about what I do! I get asked all the time how I got here... it all started where you'd least expect it...

  S E R V I C E S  

 G R A P H I C   D E S I G N 


Logo Design

Web Design

Album Covers

 M A R K E T I N G 

Social Media Management

Social Media Graphics

Email Marketing

 V I S U A L   A R T S 

Pen & Ink

Acrylic Painting

Watercolor Painting

and Custom Artwork



 & logo design 

We'll start by brainstorming the design of your logo. I'll provide designs you can choose from and once we've solidified the design, I'll help you establish your brand's aesthetic. We'll do this by coming up with branding colors and then tie it all together in a branding board. This allows future marketing material to flow effortlessly.


 web design 

Today everyone searches the internet for just about everything, without a website there's no way for your dream client or customer to find you! I've been building websites for over 4 years now, let me help put you on the map! Check out a few sites from my portfolio below.

 social media 


As of Sept. 2019 there is an estimated 2.7 billion people with accounts on Facebook and Instagram AND 60% of those people log in every single day. If you're not on social media yet, you're missing out on gaining new clients and endless networking opportunities... not to mention building brand recognition. New to the social media game? I've got you covered!


after 2 months


after 1 month

 what sets me 

When I started my creative journey it all began with pen and pencil. I moved on to painting with acrylics and then watercolors. This allows me to provide a much larger variety of creative solutions after having over 10 years of experience in visual arts as well as 4 years of experience in design and marketing.

I'm an artist at heart.

 apart from others? 


"Abigail works intentionally with all her clients giving them exactly what they want! Her special creative touches are so helpful for those who lack creativity. I highly recommend Abigail!"

—  China Brown

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