Generating More Traffic to Your Website

The answer? A blog.

A blog allows you to speak directly to your audience through tips and tricks that point them right back to you. This allows you to build trust and add value. Here’s some example blog posts I’ve come up with for different careers:

-The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask Before Investing in Real-Estate

-Top 3 Mistakes New Home Buyers Make

-Top 5 Tricks to Eating Healthy During Quarantine

-The Power of Life Insurance When Life Happens

-5 Ways to Lower Home and Auto Insurance Costs

You get the point. How do you come up with these blog posts? Let's dive in...

Start thinking about Frequently Asked Questions you get, then answer those questions through your blog! Each blog post will need a photo, the written content (at least 2 paragraphs) and a few photos to keep the reader's attention. Now that it’s posted let’s talk through how to promote it.

Create a graphic with the blog post title, I like to use for this! Use the graphic you create to post to your Instagram and/or Facebook and include the first 1-2 sentences of the blog post in the caption and cut it off in the middle of the sentence and say “...continue reading over on my blog”.

Facebook will let you link the actually website in the description, but for Instagram you’ll have to put the link in your bio. (If you’d like multiple links to come up check out it’s free and a great resource for this! For an example of how it looks feel free to check out my Linktr link in my Instagram bio )

Something I’ve recently been working on is Pinterest. Don't mistake Pinterest as another social media site, it is a search engine. Meaning just like people go to Google and search “How to Grow My Lashes”. Everyday more and more people are going to Pinterest to search in same way they've been searching Google for the last 16 years. This is great news for you, because utilizing Pinterest to promote your blog is an amazing way to grow you website views which grows your leads and ultimately grows your business! You can use the graphic you created for social media on Pinterest as well. As long as your website is claimed, when they click the graphic while scrolling Pinterest it will take them directly to your website. Here's an example of the graphic I created to use on Pinterest:

These are just a few ways to generate more traffic to your website by using a blog! What have you tried? What has worked or hasn’t worked for you? I'd love to hear your feedback!

Need help building a customized website that tells your story and gives you the ability to have a blog? Scroll down and click Request a Quote! Look forward to connecting!


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