How To: Paint a Watercolor House

Updated: Jul 25

I designed a logo for a friend recently who is a realtor. She asked me if I'd be open to painting a house she just sold to a client. She thought it would be such a personal gift to give them! I'd never painted a watercolor house at the time, but I decided to go for it! I sat down with a glass of wine, pulled up the photo on my iPad and started painting.

Well, actually I started sketching first! The thing about houses is that everything is lined up just so. Obviously, art doesn't have to be perfect, but the client has to recognize it's their house! I sketched out the framing first to make sure I was on the right track. That took about 3 hours and then I started painting. Here's a photo of me using a micron pen after the paint dried to highlight some of the details!

I purchased a clip to hold my phone above my desk so that I can take timelapses whenever I start painting. This allows you to see it all come to life!

So that was the first watercolor painting and here's the second!

Here's the final look! It's been such a joy painting watercolor houses for realtors. It's been challenging, yes, but it's such a satisfying project and I know how much they love it so it makes it absolutely worth it!

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